Good morning!

I hope that everyone is managing to stay somewhat dry in this weather!
I know that a lot of you have pulled your boats for the winter season, but there are still many moored here at the marina.
We have had 3 incidents with boats sinking in recent weeks due to  heavy rain and winds here at the lake, so, this is a friendly reminder to come up and check your boats fairly regularly through these months, and if you cant get here yourself. please let me know and I will make arrangements to have your boat inspected for you.
The houseboats need to be checked and made sure that they are very securely tied up, they have been known to break loose and go for a wander in the high winds, particularly those on the outside.
I am keeping an eye on things daily, and if there are any problems, I do my best to rectify them, and will inform you right away, but I do not have have a trailer for every boat that may need pulling, so please do your due diligence.